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Products: Centrifugal fans
The Novenco range of centrifugal fans can be divided into two fan types:

Centrifugal fans type CNA, CNB, CNM and CND
Centrifugal fans types CNA and CNB are light-weight, compact low pressure fans designed for universal installation in light industrial systems.

Centrifugal fans type CAL
A range with sturdily constructed compact centrifugal fans for the medium pressure range, primarily designed for process air in composting plants and other installations in aggressive environments. It is also well suited for a large number of industrial purposes with heavy-duty requirements for physical loads and a long working life.

Duty range:
Air quantities from 0.2 up to 25 m³/s and pressures up to 8500 Pa.

Impeller diameters from 250 to 1250 mm

The standard programm comprises both direct coupled (impeller mounted sirectly on the motor shaft) and belt driven fans.

Centrifugal fans type CNA, CNB and CNM:
Type CNA and CNM is available in nine sizes with impeller diameters from 250 mm to 1000 mm, air quantities from 0.2 m³/s to 14 m³/s and total pressure up to approx.1000 Pa. Temperature range up to 70°C.

Type CNB is available in seven sizes with impeller diameters from 400 mm to 1000 mm and is designed for higher speeds with air quantities from 0.8 m³/s up to 18 m³/s and a total pressure up to 1500 Pa. Temperature range up to 70°C.

Materials and surface treatment:
  • Casing, CNA/CNB: galvanized steel sheet, unpainted.
  • Casing, CNM: galvanized steel sheet with epoxy coating.
  • Impeller, CNA -250 to -630: Spot welded, galvanized steel sheet.
  • Impeller, CNA -710 to -1000: Welded Corten steel sheet, painted.
  • Impeller, CNB: Welded Corten steel sheet, hot-dip galvanized.
  • Impeller, CNM -250 to -630: Spot welded, galvanized steel sheet with epoxy coating.
  • Impeller, CNM -710 to -1000: Welded Corten steel sheet, hot-dip galvanized.
  • Inlet cone, CNA/CNB-250 to -630: Hot-dip galvanized deep drawn sheet
  • Inlet cone CNA/CNB-700 to 1000; Cast aluminium, unpainted.
  • Inlet cone CNM; as CNA/CNB, only provided with an epoxy coating.

Bearing units:
Dust and waterproof, totally enclosed deep groove ball bearings in a flange bearing casing, mounted on the rear side plate of the fan or two flange bearings mounted in two covers.

Corrosion classification:
Fulfils the following international standards for operation in unheated, low-corrosive environments:
DK: DS/R 454, klasse 2
S: 13K N-4, klass M2
GB: BS 5493:1977
D: DIN 55928, Teil 1

Technical classification:
The capacities comply with the requirements according to BS 848, Part 1, arrangement D.

Flexible connections - Counter flanges - Anti-vibration mountings - Common base frame (fan and mo tor) - Inlet vane control - Stepless controller (CNA-250 and 315 single-phase direct coupled motor) - Three-stage controller (CNA-250 and 315 single-phase direct coupled motor - Three-phase multi-speed motor for 2 speeds - Frequency converter, three-phase motors - Wire guard (inlet and outlet) - Inlet cone of brass - Inspection and cleaning doors - Drain connection

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Centrifugal Fan type CAL:
CAL is available in 24 sizes with air quantities from 0,3 to 25 m³/s and total pressures up to 8500 Pa. Temperature range from 0 - 70°C.

The fan consists of a sturdily welded casing with angle stiffening, impeller, a combined motor / bearing pedestal and a supporting pedestal on the inlet side, all parts made of substantial steel profiles. The bottom of the pedestals form the base of the fan.

The shaft of the belt driven type is embedded in spherical roller bearings in pedestal bearing housings. On the direct coupled fan the impeller is mounted direct on the motor shaft end.

The shaft entry in the fan casing is either a simple gap seal (approx. 1mm gap between shaft and casing) or a double lip seal ensuring against leakage of aggressive gases and condensate. The impeller has backward curved blades.

The fan casing is provided with:
  • Duct spigot and inlet cone on the inlet side.
  • Flange on the outlet side.
  • Inspection door on the inlet side.
  • Drain at the lowest point of the fan casing when required.
Material and surface treatment:
The fan casing and bearing pedestal are made of heavy-duty steel plate.The impeller is made of CORTEN A and DOMEX 490 steel qualities.

The surface is hot-dip galvanized and fulfils international requirements for operation in medium corrosive environments according to the following standards:
DK : DS/R 454, klasse 2
GB : BS 5493: 1977
D : DIN 55928, deel 1
S : St. BK-N4, klasse M2

Alternative designs:
The fan casing is available in stainless steel design (AISI 316L). The impeller is available in two stainless steel designs. Either Duplex RVS SAF 2205 or AISI 316L for reduced fan speed.

Flexible connections for inlet and outlet - counter flange for inlet and outlet - inlet vane control gear for control of the air quantity - anti-vibration mountings - cleaning door on scroll plate of fan casing.

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